Rounak Changediya, Mechatronik Master

Hello Everyone!!!
Who am I - Rounak Changediya


What do I study - Mechatronics Engineering, Masters Course


What I do at AStA – I am your ‘Ansprech Partner’ a.k.a. ‘Contact Person’ at ‘Ausländer Referat’.

I welcome all the international students at our Hochschule Kaiserslautern!

We are around 1000 international students from 80 different nationalities and my destination is to integrate all of them into our Hochschule Spirit.


Many incoming foreign students face for the first time a new country, new University; they sometimes even miss their friends, family and often have many problems…

I try my best to address their problems. I believe that, together with the support and help from everyone, we can achieve higher and higher destinations every time.

We, at the AStA, organize Cultural, Social and Academic programs for everyone and we nourish Intelligence and Emotional Quotient of every student.


Why do I do it – I am personally an International Student. When I came from India, I had so many questions, fears…. It was all chaos!!!

Luckily, I met some nice friends and I could get through the initial days and now I am well adjusted.

I wish to extend the same support further to upcoming students and I know which problems International students face. For that reason, I can easily help to solve the problems.

Besides that, I am a very friendly and open person. I just love to spend time with other people, learn through their experiences and see through other’s eyes…

I may not be best at everything but I give my best to the thing I do. Want to know more? Come at the AStA office, in Building B on ground floor, opposite to the Library. Let’s talk over a cup of Coffee!!!


My Meeting Hour – Every Thursday, from 11 till 13.

Feel free to write me if you want to meet up at some other time!